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I want to know what makes me feel the need to make noise with things. whatever it is,
im sure that without it i will indeed go crazy.
i better continue doing what i do, because i fear i will loose my mind if i do not.

>>>Why this name?

when my neice was 3 years old she started calling me jakeez, before i knew it everyone i knew was calling me that, she's 15 yrs old now.

>>>Do you play live?

i have played live a few times, that was back when i lived in the detroit area. i am in the process of re-inventing myself, and currently preparing to play out again soon.

>>>Band History:

hell if i know exactly.

>>>Your influences?

my influences range from bjork, to square pusher, meat beat manifesto, to mouse on mars, future sound of london,
and many minimal/abstract/experimental artists...

>>>Favorite place?

my current favorite place on earth is philly (suppose it could be because it's where i currently live, but am not sure ...i just know it's indeed an amazing place)

>>>what are you currently using?

athlon xp 1.52 ghz PC, M-aud audiophile usb audio card, midiman oxygen 8 keystation (currently running cubase sx, reason 2.5, absynth, reaktor, crystal, antares kantos/filter, plex, D'cota, waves platinum, and a small handfull of others)

>>>outboard machines:

nord modular G2 keyboard, roland jx-3p, yamaha su 700 sampler, casio cz 101 (rather dusty ;)) alesis dm 5 drum module, digitech dsp 128, mackie 1202 vlz, and behringer composer pro, franz andreas viola, and a cheap classical guitar.
mics, amp, monitors, DOD envelope filter, and other various odds n' ends.